Homework Has Been Proven To Yield Big Benefits

We wanted to help make it a regular part of your treatment plan.

Hello, I'm Michael Brown, the creator of Therapy Companion

My background is in physics and engineering...but I started getting very interested in psychology over 15 years ago.

Over time I realized that I wanted to get involved in helping people feel better. So I decided to take my experience and use it to help the people who are quite often the “front lines” with people's problems....the therapists.

Help therapists use homework to maximize "between sessions" benefits

Just like a violinist needs to practice in order to improve, so too does the person trying to change ingrained habits.

But change is hard if you only spend one hour every two weeks learning new skills.

Homework is widely accepted as a helpful tool to accompany therapy sessions, but is often difficult to implement. I wanted to give therapists a simple tool to address the "between session" time...while ensuring they kept complete control over who had access to what, when.

Be honest, be transparent, make it very affordable

I wanted to make Therapy Companion a company that was genuinely good to the therapists that used it.

So...therapists can try it free for 30 days, and they don't have to pull out a credit card to do it. And...you can cancel any time. No long term commitments if you find it's not working for you.

Finally...it needed to be very affordable. A monthly membership starts at less than one hour of therapy.

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