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Tips to help you maximize the impact of homework.

Want a sure fire way to help your clients? Boost opportunities for performance related feedbackImproving a client's coping self-efficacy is known to have a strong, positive influence on the outcomes of many therapeutic interventions. (1) (2)Albert Bandura identified four key sources of self-efficacy beliefs that influence us:Our past performanceModeled behaviourPersuasion or... Continue reading
One of the keys to therapeutic effectiveness is helping your clients make their learning experiential. When we look at the ratio of the time clients spend in therapy compared to the time spent out in the "real world", it stands to reason that a little "deliberate practice" can help your clients strengthen their therapeutic outcomes.However, creating homework... Continue reading
Many studies have shown that there's a direct correlation between homework compliance and client outcomes. (1) (2) (3) (4)Given the important role of homework in many therapeutic approaches, coupled with the difficulty some clients may have in completing what's assigned, I thought I'd share a few of the more eclectic ideas that helped shape my vision in creating Therapy Companion... Continue reading
What if you could manage your client's homework online......customize it quickly with a few clicks......and easily experiment with different approaches?Could it maybe help reduce a client's homework confusion......increase the chances that learning was reinforced......and possibly help a client with an uncertain outcome?I'd like to help you explore how technology might make homework... Continue reading
Using homework to maximize the impact of therapy between sessions is a well known approach. It can help make the overall treatment plan more effective, and more efficient. It can also turn clients into collaborators in their own therapy treatment plans.However homework tends to be an under utilized, under emphasized tool within the therapy toolbox...leading to cases where time spent between... Continue reading
Start With WhyBack in 2009, Simon Sinek gave a great TED Talk entitled “Start With Why”. In it he said something that has resonated with a lot of people:People don't buy What you do, they buy Why you do it.Given that I have just launched Therapy Companion after over 6,000 hours of work...I thought it was appropriate that I start with Why. The Problem I Wanted To SolveI... Continue reading