Connect With Your Colleagues

We wanted to help connect mental health professionals around a topic that doesn't receive as much attention as we think it deserves: what happens between therapy sessions.

So...we decided to create an online community that was focused on this particular topic.

How It Can Help You

Our "Between Therapy Sessions" community on Slack is a free place where you can:

  • Discuss best practices with your colleagues
  • Ask questions of the community & get actionable answers
  • Share homework related strategies that drive positive client outcomes
  • Keep up with opportunities emerging from research labs around the world

Why We Chose Slack

We understand that the last thing you need is another account, another password, another silo of information, another thing to learn.

We tried to build this community using LinkedIn Groups, but unfortunately it's not as good as it used to be and real discussions are rare.

So...while we were initially reluctant to suggest Slack...after we used it for 24 hours the potential for real conversations became clear.

How Do I Use Slack?

Once you've joined our workspace you can access Slack from your web browser here or on your mobile or desktop by downloading the app here.

If you've never tried Slack before you might feel a bit lost when you first log in. That's how we felt...because it was hard to understand what Slack was supposed to be.

We view it kind of like a forum mixed in with instant messaging and file sharing. It's actually really easy to use. All you need to know to get up and running is right here in these short video tutorials.

Communicating With Channels

Slack was initially created for businesses and their their videos tend to use language like "marketing teams" and "engineering".

However, over time online communities have migrated on to slack as they saw it could be a great tool for non-business users as well.

The core concept of Slack is based around "channels". Just think of them as we've got one called Homework, one called Blended Therapy etc.

Notifications In Slack

Sometimes you might want to be right on top of a conversation. Other times you don't want to be disturbed.

You can easily manage it all with Notifications.

Messaging In Slack

One of the best things about using Slack is the relationships you can form with your colleagues.

You can choose to hold your conversations on channels for all to see, or move them over to a direct message.

Searching In Slack

Looking for something in particular? Here's how you can easily find it.

Sharing Files In Slack

One of the goals of the "Between Therapy Sessions" is to help share best practices and save you time where ever possible.

Sharing your files with your colleagues is a great way to help make that happen.