Help Shape Blended Therapy In Canada

Researchers have shown that "blended therapy" can help therapists and their clients jumpstart stalled progress...but not many therapists are familiar with it.

Therapy Companion was developed to give therapists a chance to try something different when their clients are "stuck".

We believe the best products are built through collaborations with the people who use them most.

That's why we're inviting 100 therapists from across Canada to collaborate with us to ensure that Therapy Companion is an easy to use, effective part of your treatment plan.

Just check the "Participate In Crowdsourcing" box when you sign up for your free Explorer plan and you'll:

  • Receive a weekly update of proposed changes to Therapy Companion
  • Receive a weekly survey to share your feedback & suggestions
  • Get discounts on paid plans as appreciation for your contribution

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Who is this for?
This "crowdsourcing" is open to all therapists...but we think this short list might help you better see if it's a good fit for you.
  • Any level of experience (the more variety the better)
  • You can use it with actual clients or just demo clients
  • You believe "between sessions" is critical to a client's progress
  • You can see potential advantages to having technology support your treatment plan
  • You're curious about evidence based best practices (like blended therapy!)
  • You like the idea of collaborating to build helpful solutions for Canadian therapists and their clients
Answers To Some Questions
Feel free to contact us if the answer to your question isn't covered down below.

Because we believe very strongly in the importance of our mental health professionals and want to help as effectively as we can.
Crowdsourcing is a common way to collect the ideas of many people with a diversity ideas, usually via online methods.
Not at all. As long as you have a computer, tablet, or phone you're good to go!
Only if you want to. When you get your free Explorer plan it will already have a demo client created. You can also add yourself as your own "client" using a second email if you want to fully explore things on your own.
Why Be A Part Of This

Our crowdsourcing program will give you an opportunity to see things in a new way.

Normally the focus is on the one hour you spend with your client. Our blended therapy program might help you squeeze some benefits out of the 167 hours when you aren't together!

  • It's a chance to reduce the frustrations you & your clients experience when things are "stuck"
  • There's no cost...only opportunity
  • Blended therapy is known to strengthen the therapeutic relationship and increase engagement
  • You'll get a chance to help shape Therapy Companion to fit your needs
  • You'll have a chance to collaborate with colleagues with different levels of experience & different viewpoints
  • You'll get discounts if you choose a paid plan in the future