An online homework workspace to make your own

Easy Homework Creation

Combine activities, worksheets & tests to create homework that matches your approach.

Actionable Insights

Seeing what's being done & what's working best lets you iterate to the best homework possible.

Increased Client Engagement

Graphs show clients all the actions they've taken. Calendars tell them what's coming up.

Insights that help you stay on top of things

Track Homework Completion

Easily see what's getting done in real time.

See What's Working

Know which of your created homework is yielding the greatest impact.

View Test Results

You can track progress & optionally share historical data with clients.

Tools that increase client engagement

Client Progress

Dashboards show cumulative efforts, helping maintain motivation.

Client Calendar

It's easy to see what's coming up, increasing the chance homework is both understood & completed.

Homework Notes

Clients can take notes while completing homework assignments.

Design custom homework that works

Invite Your Clients

It's easy to add your clients to your online homework workspace.

Create Multimedia Activities

Experiment with video, audio, documents and images to find the right combination.

Design Custom Worksheets

Drag & Drop makes it easy to assign worksheets customized to your clients.

Build Tests As Needed

Design Likert scale tests to help visually track progress towards goals.

Keep Momentum With Alternatives

Offer easier options for when your clients aren't up for bigger tasks.

Create A Library

Add resources, links, activities & worksheets to let clients help themselves beyond the assigned homework.

Our Approach

Plan, Do, Study, Act

Iterate continuously to developing more effective homework & greater client outcomes.

Why We Built Therapy Companion

Engineering Background

We are big fans of experimentation to achieve success.

Practice New Skills

We wanted to help therapists make more effective use of homework.

A Proven Approach

Plan, Do, Study, Act is a proven method of improving outcomes.


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