How The "Fueling Engagement" Course Works
7 short lessons emailed over 14 days.
Plus a free 30 day trial of the Therapy Companion homework platform.
You'll get the evidence supporting why this method works so well.
You'll see how to apply the theory in a short video tutorial.
You'll have the chance to try it out yourself with your free trial.
What's In The Tutorials
Each tutorial combines a little educational background with a practical opportunity to try things for yourself.
01 Elephant & Rider Create An Online Assignment
02 Blended Therapy Review An Online Assignment
03 Persuasive Technology What Your Client Will See
04 Law Of Accumulation Creating A Custom Worksheet Online
05 Keystone Habits Assigning Meditations & Readings
06 Nudge Theory Building Autonomy With A Library
07 Satir Change Model New Insights Between Sessions
Frequently Asked Questions
Tutorial FAQs

The "Fueling Engagement" course is emailed to you over 14 days. Each tutorial should take 5 minutes or less.

The approach used in Therapy Companion consists of two parts.

The first part uses the behaviour change best practice known popularly as "The Elephant & Rider". To deliver this approach to your clients we use the widely researched "blended therapy" approach. You will learn all about this during the tutorials.

Client engagement is one of the biggest determinants of successful outcomes.

Delivering homework with a built in "change framework" like the one in Therapy Companion has been shown to offer therapists & their clients significant benefits.

You'll get a very good idea of how much time it will take during the tutorials.

Creating a typical assignment should take less than 60 seconds. On the other hand you should save a lot of time reviewing homework as all the materials are at your fingertips.

General FAQs

There may be some, but probably not too many at this point. Sorry!

Just like the therapists in the studies were far out on the leading edge of the curve, so is Therapy Companion.

But we're like you...we want reviews to help save us time. Since we don't have that...we thought our free DIY tutorials might serve as a nice replacement. Hopefully you'll agree!

It's a pretty new we understand why that might seem a little strange at first.

Coming from both a research and business background, there are two ways we see this as being worth the small monthly investment.

From a research perspective, this approach has been proven in studies to not only boost client engagement, but strengthen the alliance as well.

From a business perspective it's been shown to reduce early dropouts. So even if it "saved" you a half session per would have paid for itself.

And for us, most importantly, it ideally helps you achieve your goals more often, and more easily.

Data security is pretty much the most important part of any solution hosted in the cloud.

We have a background based in physics and have rigourously studied the options.

All the data you host on Therapy Companion is encrypted twice...once by our program, and once by the server on which your data is stored.

And we chose the biggest player in the world to host our that means all the latest security measures are in place.