The Kaizen Practice is a simple four step path

It makes it easy to understand the potential benefits of blended therapy & technology, while avoiding the risks.

The word "kaizen" is Japanese and means "continuous improvement". We think this gradual approach fits well with blended therapy.

Not sure if this approach is for you? Take our 60 second quiz to find out!

Tell Us What You'd Like To Achieve

Many therapists offer potential clients a “free consultation” to see if they’re a good fit.

We thought that was a great idea.

Let's discuss your goals, and together we can see if a blended approach might be a good fit for your practice.

Start Your Free Blended Therapy Tutorials

Our 7 part "Fueling Engagement" video based tutorial series lets you mix learning with practical experience.

It shows you "why" and "how" things work.

It also lets you create actual homework you can see how easy & flexible blended therapy can be.

Get The Answers You Need

"How do I do this?"

We've created a simple library of documents and videos to get you through it.

And if that doesn't work just get in touch!

Make A Confident Decision

At the end of "The Kaizen Practice" you should feel pretty good about your knowledge.

If you decide adding a little tech to your approach is a good fit...we've got options to help you move forward!