The Challenge

"...examination of response, adherence, and dropout rates suggests there is considerable scope for improving traditional face to face services."

Clinical Psychology Review
The Impact

“Feelings of self-doubt and insecurity about one’s effectiveness are frequently reported by mental health professionals”

Canadian Journal Of Psychology
The Solution

“... modern information technology can effectively blend with face-to-face treatments and be used to facilitate communication and structure in therapy"

Journal Of Medical Internet Research
A Simple Way To Learn About The Potential Of Blended Therapy

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Each tutorial is designed to be easily consumable (in 2 minutes or less) while providing links if you want to learn more.

  1. Why therapists deserve some help
  2. Three big challenges in traditional therapy
  3. Introduction to blended therapy
  4. The research on better client engagement & early dropouts
  5. What therapists & clients say about blended therapy
  6. Introducing blended therapy to your clients
  7. Adaptability and your treatment plan
  8. The Therapy Companion approach to blended therapy
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