Progress Makes For Good Days

When we make steady progress in work that matters to us, we feel a sense of fulfillment.

As a therapist you are in a very unique situation, since your sense of fulfillment can be strongly influenced by the actions your clients take between sessions.

Research shows that high engagement is a strong predictor of progress & positive outcomes. We view it as the base of a pyramid.

The stronger the base, the greater the progress...and that makes for more good days.

The Long Term Risks of Low Client Engagement

Being a therapist can bring you a huge sense of purpose...but it can also be very demanding.

The research tells us that many therapists report feelings of:

  • self-doubt
  • despair
  • frustration
  • burnout

...regardless of their years of experience.

Given what we know about the link between job fulfillment and feeling a sense of progress, we can see the role engagement can play in overall career satisfaction.

Your Colleagues Have Turned Low Client Engagement Into Collaboration

For more than five years, evidence based therapists around the world have collaborated with researchers to tackle the problem of low client engagement.

Perhaps it isn't too surprising to find out that the solution that bubbled to the surface involved the use of tablets, phones, and computers.

The consensus was widespread: whether they were in Sweden or Singapore, the Netherlands or the United States, they were all successful in turning engagement frustration into collaboration through the proper use of their online devices.

Want to see how they did it?