What Is Therapy Companion?

Designed to help you boost client engagement and feel more fulfilled at work, Therapy Companion is an all-in-one online blended therapy solution.

The "old" way:
The challenges & inefficiency of having homework spread out over multiple emails, handouts, websites, and computer folders.

The "new" way:
Your own private, secure workspace online where you & your clients can easily access everything using your phones or tablets.

Sound promising?

Features For Therapists
Easy Homework Creation
Helps you reinforce what happens in sessions & increase engagement.
Change the materials you use according to your client needs & your treatment plan.
Lets you strengthen the therapeutic bond between sessions.
You can be confident that what you are assigning is a good fit.
Capture audio, video & images from your sessions to incorporate in tasks.
See what’s happening at a glance and adjust accordingly.
Features For Clients
It's easy for your clients to access on desktop, tablet, and mobile.
Remembering is simple as every client has their own personal calendar.
All In One Place
Files, worksheets, and other resources in one central location.
You can choose which clients can message between sessions.
Autonomy is strengthened when it's easy to access the right resources.
Clients are reminded why a task is important to them.