We were founded in 2016 in Ottawa, Canada. Our goal is simple. To help you do your best work with your clients. We believe simple, well designed technology can help you achieve your goals.

Helping You Helps Us All

A glance at the headlines on any given day can cause us to feel concern over the well being of the communities we live in.

We decided to get involved because we realized that what happened in the offices of therapists around the world influenced all of us...whether directly or indirectly.

We Like Turning Challenges Into Opportunities

Being a therapist is already an incredibly demanding career...and we wanted to use our high tech expertise to help out.

When we started looking into ways to help therapists & their clients we were surprised by three things:

  • Client engagement was a pervasive challenge yet there seemed to be few technology options that therapists could rely on
  • Many therapists reported experiencing high levels of self-doubt, overwhelm, and burnout...and we believed this was in part influenced by client engagement challenges
  • There were potential solutions to these problems...but they seemed to be mainly spoken about in research papers

We set about to act as an interpreter and bridge between the important work being done by researchers, and the great work you do in your office.

We Love Innovative Therapists

While we've been involved in high tech for over two decades our real passion is helping our communities thrive.

We do this by researching, testing, and building solutions at the intersection of psychology and technology.

When we're building solutions, we're thinking of those therapists who never stop striving to improve, who go the extra mile for their clients.

If you're one of those people...we'd love to hear from you!