We Want To Help Make Our Communities Safer & Happier

We see therapists as the gatekeepers of the well-being of our communities.

We decided to use our science & business background to help out during the 99% of the client journey where therapists couldn't reach.

The research confirmed that this was a huge source of potential...and that led to Therapy Companion and the Leadership Lab.

We See Education Is As Important As The Solutions We Sell

A lot of companies build solutions and expect their users to connect the dots to see how it will improve their lives.

We decided early on that we would focus just as much effort on education as we would on creating products to help therapists and their clients.

We Want To Support Therapists As Leaders

There's a great definition of leaders by Kevin Kruse that goes like this:

Leadership is a process of social influence, which maximizes the efforts of others, towards the achievement of a goal.

Our role became clear...to support therapists as leaders who maximize the efforts of their clients towards achieving their goals.

If you march to the same beat...we'd love to hear from you!