The Proven Potential of Blended Therapy
While you may not be too familiar with blended therapy, your colleagues and researchers around the world have explored its potential for years. Here's some of what they found.
Stanford University (November 2018)
  • Computing products can be designed to change what people believe & what they do
  • Simplicity matters more than motivation when it comes to influencing people
  • Behavior is a product of three factors: motivation, ability, and triggers
Professional Psychology: Research & Practice (October 2018)
  • The use of mobile phones has been largely untapped by therapists
  • Use of mobile phones in CBT is a promising avenue
  • Potential areas for the application of the mobile phone in CBT are examined
Doctoral Thesis: Linköping University (May 2018)
  • The potential of internet and technologies to scale up psychological treatment resources is substantial
  • A blended treatment approach could enhance availability of psychological treatment, while maintaining and possibly enhancing effect of treatment
  • Acceptance of the blended treatment approach among key stakeholders is investigated
Clinical Psychology Review (April 2011)
  • There is considerable opportunity to use technology to support face-to-face services
  • Technological adjuncts used to enhance psychotherapy practice are examined
  • An examination of how to incorporate technology into face-to-face therapy is presented