Guided Tours

One Week of CBT & Meditation


In this guided tour we show what one week of homework might be like when using Therapy Companion. You'll see features such as client calendars, email reminders, progress graphs, easily customizable assignments, and multi-device portablility.

The benefits include a higher probability of homework completion, as well as an increased level of self-efficacy by the client as their belief in their ability to manage their presenting problem starts to increase (see here).

Phase One: Creating the homework

Our therapist uses their tablet to create the homework assignment. It will span the next seven days & be a mix of a CBT worksheet and a guided audio meditation.

Therapist View of Assigned Homework

Awaiting results

Once our therapist has completed the assigning of homework, they can choose to send a message notifying their client of a new homework assignment. As their client completes the tasks, the therapist's dashboard will be updated in "real time".

Therapist View of Pending Homework

Phase Two: Completing The Homework

Reminding the client

Our client receives a reminder by email that they have homework that day.

Client View Email Reminder iPhone

Checking the calendar

They then login to their personalized homework dashboard on their phone and can easily see what's due today.

Client View Calendar iPhone

Completing the first assignment

They review the days assignment, a guided audio meditation, and listen to the embedded audio file. They submit that days homework as "Completed".

Client View of Guided Audio Meditation

Completing the next assignment

The next day our client decides to do the assigned worksheet on their tablet.

Client View Worksheet Completion iPad

Seeing their progress

Our client submits their CBT daily mood log worksheet and are brought to their progress screen. In addition to the graph, they can scroll down to access their entire homework history.

Client View Progress iPad

Phase Three: Reviewing The Homework

Tracking completion rates

Our therapist can easily see what homework is being completed on their tablet.

Therapist View Homework Completion iPad

Accessing homework where you want it

They can also review their client's homework progress on their phone (or laptop).

Therapist View Homework Completion


Features Used

Therapist Features

  • Multiple devices
  • Ready made homework materials
  • Custom made homework materials
  • Rapid calendar driven homework creation
  • Easy viewing of client results

Client Features

  • Multiple devices
  • Email reminders
  • Custom homework calendars
  • Easily accessible materials in one location
  • Easy viewing of progress

Benefits Achieved

Therapist Benefits

  • Create the optimal assignment using a combination of supplied & custom materials
  • Easily create homework on any device
  • Easily monitor homework completion...allowing for data driven adjustments to next assignment

Client Benefits

  • Easy to know exactly what homework assignment is
  • Reminders increase likelihood of homework completion
  • Progress graph helps maintain motivation