Assigning Homework
See the benefits you create by taking a blended approach.
Completing Homework
Client engagement increases as barriers topple.
Reviewing Homework
Know exactly what's happening, when it happens.
The Potential Problem With Traditional Homework Approaches

Therapists are saying that homework is completed only half the time...and it’s putting their treatment outcomes at risk.

For 99% of the therapeutic journey, clients rely solely on willpower to help them follow their treatment plan.

But for clients who are struggling, this can lead to missed homework and even early dropouts.



Therapists Need An Alternative That Meets Their Needs

Today, a therapist's best option for assigning homework is a collection of emails, handouts, file sharing sites, and verbal instructions.

But this can be time consuming, hard to keep organized, and has no "best practices" for habit forming.

We need to give therapists an easier way to guide what happens between sessions...without adding to their workload.



Maybe It's Time To Explore Blended Therapy

Therapy Companion was founded to help therapists explore a better way of managing homework.

It's a place to learn about & experiment with blended see if it's a good fit for your practice.

Studies have proven the potential benefits are there...why not try it for yourself?