Building a bridge between research and your practice

The research tells us blended therapy can help boost engagement between sessions.

The problem is that nobody has shown therapists "how" to do it.

We're going to fix that.

What you'll learn
  • Why therapists are redefining their client engagement status quo
  • Using a blended approach to boost your client engagement with small gains
  • Reaching your goals more easily with a kaizen approach
  • Demo: Maintaining control & autonomy while using a blended approach
A chance to ask questions

Asking questions and sharing perspectives is a great way to move beyond the current limits of client engagement.

We limit the number of webinar attendees to 25 to encourage a more "interactive" approach.

20 minutes plus Q&A

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Learn how to harness the power of small gains between sessions.

Current Webinar Dates

Wednesday June 5th, 11:00AM (EST)

Wednesday June 5th, 2:00PM (EST)

Thursday June 6th, 11:00AM (EST)

Thursday June 6th, 2:00PM (EST)

Tuesday June 11th, 11:00AM (EST)

Tuesday June 11th, 2:00PM (EST)

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About Your Host

Michael Brown is the founder of Therapy Companion and a big believer in change.

With a background in physics and engineering, he likes to find the challenges facing therapists and see how a little technology might help.